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The Torchwood Gen Fic Frolic

The bane of Jack Harkness' existence since 2011

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The Torchwood Gen Fic Frolic, coming extremely soon to an LJ near you!* IS HERE! CLICK ON THE LINKS AT WILL!

The point of tw_unpaired is to generate some Torchwood fic where the focus isn't on romance or particular pairings, but rather the cases, friendships, and working relationships between the characters.

There are so many reasons to join! For example, we have ridiculously few rules.


1. Gen fic only! Duh!

2. Stories must be beta-read.

3. Be kind/respectful of other members of the comm.


See? It's so easy! Give in some prompts, pick a prompt, and write fic! And if you complete a fic (500+ words) you can pick another prompt! And then at the end, we're having open posting for drabbles, poetry and interpretive dance! Well, not so much on the dancing. Here, check out when everything is happening!

Posting Schedule of Awesome

January 13 - January 22: Collection of prompts!

January 23 - February 1: Prompt claiming!

February 1 - March 6: Writing!

March 6 - March 12: Posting!

March 14 - whenever: Open season for drabbles ficlets, etc!

Check out our general intro post here to see more details about the frolic, read our FAQ or ask questions/make suggestions of your own!

We are now affiliating! If you are interested in affiliating with us, please email eldarwannabe AT gmail DOT com.

Awesome Affiliates:

* Obvs, as LJ is on the internet and thus everything is only like, two clicks away at most, so you can't really get far away. But, you know, it doesn't sound as good that way.