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Mod Post: Prompt Claiming!

ETA: February 3: Prompt claiming is now closed, unless you've already finished a fic! If you have finished your first claim, you can claim again!

Okay, kids, the day has finally come! It's time to pick prompts for tw_unpaired! Before you go rushing to click on the cuts, please read the rest of this post.

(Hey! Hey! Don't scroll past! I mean EVERYONE, buddy. You don't get special dispensation. Pull the mouse away from the prompts and keep reading.)

  • Fic is due by March 12. Posting starts March 6. Stories have to be a minimum of 500 words.
  • If you finish your story before March 6 and you want to choose another prompt, you are more than welcome! We'd prefer that your story be betaed and in the posting queue, but if you've just sent it off to beta and you really can't wait the extra day, we'll take your word for it. If you abuse the honor system and end up with two prompts that aren't finished, we'll be very cross.
  • When you are ready to post, please use an approximation of this header:

    You can add more, if you'd like, but make sure those five bits of info are included.
  • Please refamiliarize yourself with the rules. They are pretty easy. Gen fic, be nice to other people, beta your fic, NO BASHING. And I don't fall for that, "Some people might call it bashing, but I think it's a realistic portrayal!" crap, so don't try it.

The prompts are broken up into five sections. Character/Friendship are prompts that focus either on a particular character's development or mundane things like going to the movies together or babysitting. Action/Team are the prompts that are more "case-like" in nature: something is loose in the Hub, someone has to save the planet, etc. Crossover and AU are self-explanatory. General is for prompts that just a lyric or a word or phrase. For these prompts, you can choose any combination of characters you wish.

General prompt claiming ends February 1st! After 2/1/11, you can only claim if you've already finished your first prompt.

To claim a prompt: Comment with the number of the prompt you want to claim. It's that simple. For this first round, each prompt can be claimed twice.

  1. Day in the life....of Myfanwy. See "The Zeppo" from Buffy.
  2. Ianto and Gwen are locked down in the Hub and pass the time by reading the most hilarious of Jack's past botched cases out loud. - aranellaurelote
  3. Tosh goes on holiday, and everything falls apart. She has a great time, though. :D
  4. Gwen scrapbooking. While pregnant. (can be CoE compliant or not)
  5. The Team discovers Ianto doesn't know how to swim. - jolinarjackson
  6. Someone on the team gets turned into a child and they force Ianto to babysit. Since he has a niece and nephew, he *must* know how to deal with children, right? RIGHT??? - humantales
  7. http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/ -- Better yet, a collection of the team's drunk texts.
  8. Owen is protective of his Drosophila melanogaster cultures that he maintains at the Hub lab from the practical standpoint of studying gene expression. He is a hard-core fly geneticist. Jack calls him a 'fly-pusher.' - wildeagain
  9. Ianto proposes to stock the Hub with Snuggies.
  10. Owen + Annie the pizza girl and/or that dude in the cast in "Everything Changes." Owen orders pizza under the name Torchwood.
  11. Awkward interaction between Rhys and the rest of the team after "Meat."
  13. Ianto and Gwen smoke alien weed sometime after Exit Wounds to lighten the mood while Jack's off brooding. - analineblue
  14. Awesome voicemails drunk!Rhys has left Gwen. - valancy_joy
  15. Jack (or anyone) writes fanfic about the team. Bad fanfic.
  16. Ianto meets Tarot Girl.
  17. How did Jack recruit Suzie?
  18. Pre-Everything Changes Torchwood Chess Tournament.
  19. "What do bosses do in situations like these? You know, regular bosses." Jack - episode 7
  20. Owen's first days at Torchwood. New co-workers, new location, new biology.
  21. After the events of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, the team spends the night in a schwanky hotel. There have been a million fics about what Jack and Ianto do that night, but how did Tosh, Owen, and Gwen pass the time?
  22. Pre-Meat, Rhys finds a Torchwood field report.
  23. Gwen and Tosh discover that they have more in common than they thought--they're both fans of the same teevee show. They spend a boring stake-out discussing it.
  24. Lisa, before the Battle of Canary Wharf.
  25. Tosh and Martha, finding common ground.
  26. Team Torchwood, film night. (Bonus points for sci-fi!)
  27. 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' missing scene.

    It was daytime when Jack leaves the Doctor and Martha and runs across the Plass in 'Last of the Time Lords', but it's evening/late night at the beginning of KKBB. There's a period of time between those two scenes where Jack and the team could have met but didn't. So what was the team doing during that afternoon/evening before the car-chase?

    (The optional canon is optional and contradictory: The Captain's Blog says Jack spent hours at the Hub reading mission reports, but the emails from the BBC site are written as if the team were there before going after the blowfish.)
  28. Team, post-EoD, divvying up Jack's workload and figuring out who's in charge now. Preferably with focus on the practical details of the reorganization. What all does Jack regularly do around the Hub, besides giving orders and posturing on the catwalks?
  29. Ianto introduces Gwen to some of Cardiff's resident aliens.
  30. After Jack hires Gwen, he tells Tosh and Ianto to prepare an orientation packet. They take to the task with gleeful abandon. - aviv_b
  31. Tosh and Ianto being BFFs and playing pranks on the others.
  32. Mama Jones telling wee!Ianto and wee!Rhiannon bedtime stories
  33. Gwen decides to throw Ianto a surprise birthday party, which is obviously IMPOSSIBLE. Points if you can in get Rhiannon and co.!
  34. Post-S2, Gwen convinces Jack to try conventional methods of recruitment.
  35. Scenes from the childhood of our girl genius, Tosh. - ms_bekahrose
  36. Rhiannon visits Ianto in London during his time in T1.
  37. In order to deal with the stress of everyday Torchwood life, _____________ takes up knitting. (Bonus points if they give the rest of the team their really bad, first attempts) - yun_min
  38. Alice and the Torchwood version of take-your-daughter-to-work day.
  39. Jack and/or Lucia have to do clean up after a Torchwood show-and-tell by Alice (Melissa) in a public school.
  40. Gwen goes into labor in the field. Ianto's the only one around to help deliver the baby. - xrai_namere
  41. Myfanwy get sick, Ianto frets and Owen feels under pressure to make her well.
  42. Ianto decides to sell his car after finding out what happened inside of it. (post Out of Time fic).
  43. Tosh tutors a teenager in her building in maths b/c, well, she can w/out much effort. Then something ~happens.
  44. Lisa - the events of Canary Wharf from her perspective
  45. Tosh and Jack - At the end of "Adam," Tosh says she wants someone to know how special she is, and Jack answers, "I know." What is a moment where he demonstrates that?
  46. What does Gwen choose to tell (or not tell) her child about her life with Torchwood?
  47. After Cyberwoman, no management training manual could prepare Jack with how awkward a field mission could be with an employee you just threatened to shoot in the head.
  48. Owen adopts a baby Weevil.
  49. Owen adopts his snot baby (from Something in the Water)
  50. Gwen and Ianto have to pose as a married couple for a case and end up getting the honeymoon suite in a classy hotel out of the deal. How do they spend their (non-sexy) (totally platonic) weekend of being married on the case?
  51. The Cardiff grapevine on Torchwood. What's the word on the street--What do people think that Torchwood does?
  52. How did Tarot Card Girl learn to read the cards? Where did she get her first deck?
  53. What did Alex see in the locket?
  54. Where was Jack when Torchwood picked up Tommy?
  55. What other living things does/did Torchwood have in cryo-storage?
  56. Torchwood communication devices through the ages.
  57. What happened to the TARDIS coral?
  58. I love "first time" stories. We've seen Gwen's, Ianto's and Jack's; how about Owen's and Tosh's? (As Torchwood Field Agents, of course.)
  59. Jack "cut all ties" with Torchwood One. How, why and why did he get away with it?
  60. How did Jack take over after Alex died? At that point, Alex wouldn't have actually had the power to give Jack the post. Or did he? And, if so, how?
  61. Jack running up against events and/or trends and/or attitudes in the twentieth century that he wasn't expecting. Or those that he was (other than those related to sex.) Or he learned them wrong.
  62. Gwen's and/or Ianto's experiences with Torchwood, before they joined, where they never find out that Torchwood was involved. (They believe the public lies, or they just never connect the two.)
  63. After Victoria created Torchwood, how and why was Torchwood Three created? The Rift, or something else.
  64. How did they find out the perception filter stayed after the TARDIS left, and how was the invisible lift created? - thepyromanical1
  65. Jack musing on the different directors of Torchwood Three.
  66. Rhiannon meets Jack. AU, pre-COE, post-COE, go wild. - dremiel
  67. Team Torchwood goes to a pub quiz and Owen shocks them all by knowing every answer.
  68. Rhys is putting together a scrapbook for the baby, but where is the page for baby's first apocalypse?
  69. Tosh gets pregnant. The baby "daddy" is Gwen. - amand_r
  70. Suzie's childhood. Or the reason Suzie wanted to kill her father in 'They Kept Killing Suzie'.
  71. Ianto's father broke his leg. How did that happen and what was the relationship between them like after that? Because Ianto seemed pretty angry and hurt when he talked to Rhiannon about it. - lyryk
  72. Jack visits war veterans because he feels he owes it to them. What does he do? What lies does he tell?
  73. Andy arrests the team.
  74. Gwen has to bail Ianto out of jail. Circumstances are up to you. - jooles34
  75. Mica Davies talks about her "awesome uncle who saved the world" during show-and-tell in school.
  76. After COE, Myfanwy has survived and makes Rhys (giver of nice chocolates) her new best friend. Rhys isn't too happy about it.
  77. Gwen and Ianto try to bake a cake for the birthday of one of the team members. But they can't bake to save their lives. Hilarity ensues. - darquethoughts
  78. Suzie did most of the work taming it - not that the rest of us were afraid. Just, you know, it’s a pterodactyl.

    Suzie+Ianto friendship:
    SUZIE: So, I think you should go instead of me.
    IANTO: Me?
    SUZIE: You shouldn't be left out. Socialise. Sometimes I feel as though we don't really know you.

    -from the BBC Torchwood extras at iantos_desktop

    Ianto and Suzie bond by training Myfanwy together.
  79. Team bonding time at a pub? Karaoke and drinking games ensue.
  80. Gwen and Ianto on a stakeout. It's cold, so they have to (platonic, of course) cuddle for warmth. Bonus points for Jack finding them. Even more bonus for them playing up that something happened.
  81. Tosh visits Ianto while he is on suspension. - kaydeefalls
  82. I'd like to see some queer gen up in here: Jack has a conversation with one or more members of the team about sexuality and gender in the 51st century as opposed to the 21st. - golden_d
  83. Alice and Emily: How did they both become so tough and heartless? Was it one incident or just over time?
  84. Owen and Ianto find common ground and learn to get on, just for a little while. Non-angsty is preferable; can be at mocking expense of the others!
  85. Five things Ianto found out through stalking, excuse me, checking up on his sister and her family via CCTV and computer records. - lawsontl
  86. Post-zombification, Owen finds a new hobby.
  87. Owen teaches Ianto how to suture. - lilithbint
  88. Tosh and Ianto discover a mutual love for Dirty Harry films and peach schnapps and decide to have a marathon movie night.
  89. A slow day at Torchwood. The team spend it playing monopoly or truth or dare. - rattyjol
  90. Jack and Ianto takes the day off and takes Mica and David to the beach and Ianto finds himself adept at handling kids. Sometime early s2.
  91. Jack takes Gwen and Ianto to the Crystal Palace in its heyday. I don't care how you do this - travel back in time, AU in the 1800's, whatever. I want Jack, Gwen and Ianto in awesome clothes, marveling at the coolest Great Exhibition ever. - neifile7
  92. Gwen and Ianto are best friends. Put that in any crazy context/storyline/whatever you want and go, go, go! - ericadawn16
  93. Rhiannon Jones/Davies is awesome, and clearly needs more love in the form of fic. About her, her life, her and Ianto, who cares. Go nuts.
  94. One of the team suffers from a temporary disability (blindness, deafness, etc) and how the rest of the team deals with it.
  95. Tosh reaches out to Ianto after feeling his grief in "Greeks Bearing Gifts." - broken_lullaby
  96. Tosh and Ianto hang out after the events of "Countrycide."
  97. Edwardian!Jack goes on a grouse-hunting trip.
  98. Owen has to go out and buy a gift for either Tosh or Gwen.
  99. Gwen takes Ianto along pet shopping.
  100. Alice Guppy before Torchwood (the TW extra material mentions she was arrested for thievery or pick-pocketing or something). - azn_jack_fiend
  101. How is Emily Holroyd recruited?
  102. What does Charles Gaskell think of working under two lesbian women during the Victorian Era?
  103. What does Victorian Era Cardiff think of the two suspiciously unmarried woman who run around with guns and knives doing secret work for the Crown?
  104. It looks like Jack's got a bad case of hero worship...


  105. The team on a case between S1 and S2, without Jack and managing just fine.
  106. Jack and PC Andy save the universe.
  107. Rhys and PC Andy save the universe! Then go for a pint.
  108. There is a case, and it is solved by the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. For real.
  109. Gwen and Tosh end up lost in the middle of the woods looking for the source of a rift activity blip.
  110. Lights are going out all over Cardiff, and with the rest of the team stuck in the Hub after a short circuit, it's up to Owen and Ianto to figure out the cause and save the day. If they don't throttle each other first.
  111. Gwen and Ianto explore a crashed alien ship. - pocky_slash
  112. Jack and Alex on a mission together, Alex reminds Jack of his dad.
  113. Jack knows aliens residing in Wales (Cardiff or not) that he helped to hide from the old Torchwood. He needs one of them to help with an artifact that came thru the rift, and has him/her/it/them work with the s2 team.
  114. In episode 3 (Ghost Machine) the only two who used the artifact were Gwen and Owen. What if one of the others triggered it in the hub.
  115. What was the TW team doing during the Sontaran invasion (Sontaran Strategem / Poison Sky - DW S4). (This takes place post-S2 for TW.)
  116. DW 'The Christmas Invasion' from Torchwood pov, focus on the decision to blow up the retreating Sycorax ship. Does Jack agree with Harriet Jones's decision, or does he disagree but is outvoted? What do Tosh, Owen and Suzie think? (can also include how Jack ends up with the Doctor's severed hand) - takisys
  117. Ianto leaves the Hub to run errands and saves the world while he's out. The rest of the team want to know what took him so long.
  118. A popular musical act is suspected of being alien(s). Torchwood, posing as venue security, is sent to investigate.
  119. Jack swans off with the Doctor again sometime post S2, but this time, Gwen and Ianto decide enough is enough--they're going after him. Wacky space hijinks ensue! :D
  120. Something amazing comes through the Rift. Tosh investigates.
  121. Torchwood aren't answering their phones (out of town being chased by cannibals, phones down, sleeping off retcon, whatever) so PC Andy has to handle a "spooky-do" on his own.
  122. Ianto and Martha on a case together. Everyone keeps assuming they're married because they share a last name and Martha's wearing a ring.
  123. Torchwood musical episode. Something comes through the rift that causes people to randomly break out in song.
  124. Post-Journey's End, Gwen and Ianto stage a mini-coup by recruiting Donna, Mickey, and Martha without Jack's knowledge or permission.
  125. Team Victorian Torchwood (Emily, Alice, and Charles) doing... anything. Seriously, anything. I don't care.
  126. Tosh is locked in the hub with something alive and hungry.
  127. pre-series: Lisa Hallet, as a change from her usual (relatively!) boring desk job at Torchwood London, winds up investigating an internal Torchwood mystery, whilst occasionally consulting junior researcher Ianto Jones. - eldarwannabe
  128. Post-'Reset' case-story: Owen's undead status comes in useful.
  129. Team WWI Torchwood (Harriet and Gerald and anyone else you want to make up) Have Adventures. Of any kind. Seriously, guys, I don't even care.
  130. Aliens made them do it, where "it" is anything but sex. (e.g. Aliens made them clean the Hub, aliens made them cook burgers, aliens made them put on a musical production, etc.)
  131. Kathy Swanson has to work a case with the TW team (or any members thereof). Preferably in a situation where TW is needed and competent, although it's up to you whether Kathy is aware of that or not.
  132. In Adrift, Gwen left Andy standing on the pier, pretty ticked off, and knowing where she was headed. What if he decided to investigate for himself.
  133. Pre-Coe case-related uses of the contact lenses.
  134. "Operation Goldenrod"
  135. The perception filter on the invisible lift wears out.
  136. That time they used the mind-probe and the alien's head exploded? What was that about?
  137. Five times the portable prison cell was used without authorization. - czarina_kitty
  138. "We do not sniff the sub-etheric resonator." Why not?
  139. A week in the life of the Flat Holm facility.
  140. In CoE Day 1, Jack mentions that if you start asking around about Torchwood, you'll eventually be pointed in the right direction. Who else has asked around, why, and what happened?
  141. Ianto & Tosh vs. Gwen & Owen. Who can settle their case first?
  142. What happened in Cardiff during the Battle of Canary Wharf? (Before Jack finds out that Rose "died".)
  143. Torchwood and dragons. This is Wales, there needs to be some awesome dragon action.
  144. Tosh, Owen and Jack have to go undercover as something slightly embarrassing, while Ianto and Gwen stay behind to coordinate due to injury.
    Double points if they meet Andy or Kathy while undercovver and it's awkward.
  145. Something falls thru the rift from the future. And it references Jack.
  146. OK, I know variations have been done, but I love groundhog day stories. How about the whole team caught in a timeloop.
  147. Five times the citizens of Cardiff did notice the invisible lift.
  148. In the audio book "Everyone Says Hello", the alien causes everyone to tell their secrets. What if the team were infected? What would they have to tell?
  149. The team has to go undercover in musical theatre.
  150. An alien demands Owen patches up their partner - since he understands alien xenobiology best - and if the partner dies, the alien kills the team.
  151. Jack and Rhys have to team up and save Ianto, Gwen and Cardiff. Rhys gets to drive the SUV. And carry (maybe fire?) the Big Gun. - erin_giles
  152. After an accident with an alien artifact, the whole team sprouts wings (colour coded to the mannerisms of the character, eg, Jack the brooding anti-hero: black, Gwen the heart: golden/white, Tosh the tech: steel gray, etc).
    How do they deal with it, esp. when having to go out on the field?
  153. Jack swoops in to rescue Ianto and Gwen from aliens that captured them, only to find they escaped and handled said aliens. - oddityisavirtue
  154. Post "Exit Wounds," Tosh and Owen are pulled through the Rift to present day. How long can they hide from them that they are dead? What do they have to do in order to go back? And what day-to-day work has to take place in between their arrival and departure?
  155. Jack becomes celibate, Gwen a hardass, Ianto cannot tell a lie, Tosh can't even do simple math, and Owen suddenly gets his life back. It's not crack. And something really ugly just came through the Rift. - _lullabelle_
  156. Following from the audiobook "In the Shadows": A member or two of the team discover/work out that the tech wasn't ready to pull Ianto back and that something more must have happened to get them both back. How do they deal with it? Do they confront him? How does Ianto deal with it? Something like that. - remuslives23
  157. Season 4 (or AU season 4), Ianto Jones shows up one day. Not back from the dead, but merely temporally displaced. Adventure ensues, but not an angstfest, 'cause spoilers are bad! - heddychaa
  158. Jack's very permanently dead body falls through the Rift and is found by the team sometime in Season 2.
  159. The team go undercover at an historical re-enactment suspected as a cover for alien activity.
  160. Owen gets shot (or otherwise seriously injured) and must talk Ianto (or the team member of your choice) through treating him.
  161. Gwen and Tosh have to rob a bank.
  162. The Torchwood team fall through the Rift. Now it's their turn to be the aliens on the run.
  163. Jack, Gwen and Ianto's first mission post Exit Wounds.
  164. A member of the team (not Ianto) is secretly a Time Lord.
  165. Another cell of the aliens from the episode "Sleeper" is discovered.
  166. Jack left with the Doctor. Now the rest of the team have stolen the TARDIS and ditched him instead.
  167. Rhys is in the Hub alone and accidentally sends it into lockdown.
  168. The Hub has a poltergeist. - gernumblies_fic
  169. Who, or what, is Bilis Manger?
  170. WW2 -- Jack (the second time around) is charged with training the Welsh contingent of the RAF (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._210_Squadron_RAF) and has to help an alien who crashes in the are hide/survive -- and the alien is mistaken for a Nazi, resulting in possible charges of conspiring with the enemy etc. Bonus for either ww2 era Torchwood involvement or the series team (Tosh, Owen etc) as time congruent alternative characters.
  171. It's been frozen for over a thousand years. They brought it into the Hub for safekeeping. Now it's thawing out...
  172. This time it wasn't just coincidence that terrible things were happening in Cardiff. It was revenge. (Even better if it's not Jack who's the target...)
  173. The Great Frog Invasion of Cardiff Bay.
  174. "Since when did we have a Viking longship parked on the Plass?"


  175. Gwen and Ianto are freelance alien hunters.
  176. Ianto and Rhiannon Jones-- THEY FIGHT CRIME. In awesome costumes.
  177. In a universe without CoE, Ianto has to sit Rhiannon down and explain Torchwood to her. How much does she already know from growing up around Cardiff? What's her reaction? What happened what forced Ianto to tell her?
  178. Team Torchwood works at a nondescript office. Their respective bosses force them onto the party planning committee as punishment for various inter-office offenses. It can only end in tears.
  179. Gwen deciding she wants to join Torchwood. How does she set it up?
  180. Torchwood in the "Turn Left" 'verse.
  181. Torchwood is a 1940's movie style detective agency stuck in the 21st century.
  182. It wasn't Owen who got brought back by the second glove and stuck. It was Gwen.
  183. The Torchwood team in WW2 (Jack, Ianto, Gwen (Tosh, Owen, Suzie optional), no aliens)
  184. Psych fusion: Ianto has spent his formative years as a drifter. When he lands back in his hometown of Cardiff, living with his best friend Gwen, he finds himself helping the police solve crimes using by using his photographic memory. When questioned about his exceptional phone hints, he lies and tells the police he's psychic and begins liaising with them officially. DI Jack Harkness doesn't buy it, but even he has to admit that his solve rate has tripled since Ianto and Gwen started sticking their noses in his cases.
  185. Jack's jump to Earth at the end of 'Parting of the Ways' throws him all the way back to the 1700s and he becomes/works with the Bow Street Runners (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bow_Street_Runners). Bonus if the 'Blind Beak of Bow Street' is a stranded alien horrified by the primitive state of humanity. Even better bonus if it's totally AU and the Torchwood team are other era congruent people (other officers, theives, etc).


  186. (Crossover: TW/Veronica Mars) Veronica crosses paths with Torchwood during her semester abroad and they team up to stop an alien smuggling ring.
  187. (Crossover: Torchwood/SGA) Jack is the leader of a gate team. Tosh and Owen are his scientists. Gwen and Ianto are his military grunts. And, of course, they manage to get into even more trouble than Team Sheppard. - weaselett
  188. (Crossover: Torchwood/The Nightmare Before Christmas) Team Torchwood suspects alien interference after Jack starts looking for the ~meaning of life~ in the holiday season. - alt_universe_me
  189. (Crossover: Torchwood/BBC Sherlock) Team Torchwood and Team 221B cross paths during a case on which both are working.
  190. (Crossover: TW/DW) Tosh meets River Song and they go on AN EPIC QUEST THROUGH TIME AND SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - such_heights
  191. (Crossover: TW/White Collar) An accident damages an alien art object, and it has to be superbly restored (or replicated) before the owners find out. Fortunately, Jack knows someone...
  192. (Crossover: TW/DW) Anyone from Team Torchwood interacting with the current Team TARDIS (Eleven, Amy, Rory, River). Shenanigans ensue!
  193. (Crossover: TW/Outcasts) the new BBC sci-fi show starting in February.
  194. (Crossover: TW/SJA) Mr. Smith and Mainframe connect the dots between a case that Sarah Jane and the kids are working in Ealing and one that Team Torchwood is investigating in Cardiff. Can Sarah Jane and Jack work together without killing each other? Will Tosh kidnap Luke to be her protege? Are Clyde and Owen immediate BFFs? Does Ianto hero worship the hell out of Sarah Jane? It's up to you!

    But, for the record, the answers to those questions are "Barely," "Almost," "Of course," and "Hells yeah."
  195. (Crossover: TW/DW) Companion Tosh!
  196. (Crossover: TW/Classic Who) Jack's history with UNIT.
  197. (Crossover: TW/DW) Jack and the Brig in a bar. (Can be "I met a soldier in a bar. Purely professional.")
  198. (Crossover: TW/Buffy/Angel) Whatever you want. (Jack as the Immortal or knowing the Immortal or any of the other vampires would be fun.) - agarose9
  199. (Crossover: TW/Harry Potter) Whatever you want. - igrockspock
  200. (Crossover: TW/Sherlock) Whatever you want.
  201. (Crossover: TW/Marvel Comics) Jack and Captain Britain (any version, really) and Spitfire fought together in WWII.
  202. (Crossover: TW/Harry Potter): Voldemort becomes very, very interested in Jack's immortality.
  203. (Crossover: TW/Discworld) Post S2, Tosh and Owen meet Death.
  204. (Torchwood/Supernatural) Castiel brings back Ianto, Tosh and Owen to help him save the world.
  205. (Crossover: Torchwood/Firefly) Big Damn Heroes.
  206. (Crossover: Torchwood/Sherlock BBC) In 2006, a political confrontation takes place between three high-ranking officials on Britain's safety against extraterrestrial threats: Jack Harkness, Yvonne Hartman, and Mycroft Holmes. - neurotictealeaf
  207. (Crossover: Torchwood/Farscape) Gwen and Aeryn Sun being awesome together. I don't care how, just make it happen.
  208. (Crossover: TW/Star Trek): Jack and Guinan bond over being survivors of destroyed planets.
  209. (Crossover: TW/DW) Lisa Hallet as a companion of the Doctor.
  210. (Crossover: TW/The Authority) The Carrier falls through the Rift/Bleed. Torchwood has to convince the Authority that their brand of justice isn't needed for this Earth.
  211. (Crossover: TW/Harry Potter): Torchwood is investigated by a group of suspicious Aurors.
  212. (Crossover: TW/Buffy) Torchwood teams up with the Scooby gang to fight...something. Jack is less than impressed at taking orders from a little blonde girl. Giles and Ianto bond over/compete over researching. - smthwallflower
  213. (Crossover: TW/Veronica Mars) Veronica Mars teams up with Torchwood to investigate a string of strange disappearances in Cardiff.
  214. (Crossover: TW/SGA) Team Torchwood has to visit Atlantis. Tosh falls in love with wormhole travel, Rodney falls in love with Ianto's coffee, Owen falls in love with Beckett's med lab, Gwen falls in love with Atlantis as a whole, and Jack wonders how he's going to convince his team to go back to Cardiff. - brilligspoons
  215. (Crossover: Torchwood/Roswell) Anything, because it would be awesome.
  216. (Crossover: Torchwood/Supernatural): Sam and Dean pick up Jack hitchhiking.
  217. (Crossover: Torchwood/Star Trek (original series)) Anything. - lady_legira

    General Prompts

  218. Boy with a coin he found in the weeds
    with bullets and pages of trade magazines
    close to a car that flipped on the turn
    when God left the ground to circle the world.

    - Iron & Wine, Boy With a Coin
  219. these are the days of miracle and wonder,
    this is the long distance call,
    the way the camera follows us in slow-mo,
    the way we look to us all,
    the way we look to a distant constellation
    that's dying in the corner of the sky
    these are the days of miracle and wonder,
    and don't cry, baby, don't cry
    --Paul Simon, "The Boy in the Bubble" - nancybrown
  220. Trip to the States!
  221. Pink fluffy unicorns. Not crack... - iceshade
  222. Pirates. - laligin
  223. Steampunk! - moonfirefic
  224. Flying lessons.
  225. The Sun's gone wibbly.
  226. "Those crystals really shouldn't be doing that..."
  227. "You expect us to believe that was platonic?"
  228. "I don't remember that."
  229. "No, really. This is just dinner."
  230. Poison.
  231. Thunder and lightning.
  232. Gameshow.
  233. Burning.
  234. Three hundred and ten.
  235. Spaceship crash.
  236. Synchronised bouncing crows. - bardmaiden
  237. It looked like a normal puppet, on strings.
  238. Benevolent aliens.
  239. Escaped slave. - psychicvanity
  240. "I think he was killed by a piece of furniture."
  241. The stopwatch comes in handy.
  242. Ulterior motive.
  243. Flowers.
  244. "It turned inside out. And then it exploded."
  245. Shopping list.
  246. Torchwood Four.
  247. Mystery solved.
  248. Everybody lives.
  249. Happy ever after.
  250. Fragments.
  251. Time to pay the piper.
  252. Tall ship.
  253. Asteroid.
  254. Bionic.
  255. Band on the run.
  256. Home.
  257. Sleep.
  258. Pay rise.
  259. Sheep.
  260. Silence. - thebuttonontop
  261. Rain.
  262. "Look who's back."
  263. "I have to get off this planet."
  264. Exposure.
  265. Suddenly, tentacles. - silkendreammaid
  266. Refuse.
  267. The Final Countdown. - snowwhiteliar
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